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    Project Description

    Common causes for the need of endodontic treatment:

    • Inflamed/infected tooth pulp
    • Severe sensitivity to hot and cold elements
    • Tooth decay
    • Chipped or broken tooth
    • Blow to the tooth
    • Swelling or tenderness near the infected tooth

    • Repeated dental procedures on a tooth

    Please contact our office for an evaluation if you experience any of the symptoms above.

    Root Canal

    A root canal is a procedure that extracts decayed pulp from the central part of the tooth, re-shapes the canal and replaces it with strengthening filler.

    A cavity is the result of superficial decay of the enamel of the tooth. Left long enough, this decay can burrow into the deeper reaches of the tooth, causing extensive damage to tooth structure. When the damage goes beyond what can be treated with a filling, dentists can perform a root canal, preserving the tooth and retaining its original integrity.


    • The tooth is opened to allow for removal of infected or dead dental pulp.
    • The tooth is comprehensively cleaned, including any cracks and canals.
    • With special tools, the doctor re-shapes the canals.
    • The tooth is filled again with cutting edge biocompatible filling material.
    • A temporary covering is used to cover the access opening.
    • Patient MUST see their regular dentist quickly for a permanent restoration of the tooth.

    Service Request



    I had the most amazing experience here today. I was extremely nervous going to a brand new place in an emergency root canal situation and not knowing anything about the office. All of the staff made me feel completely comfortable and were extremely professional. I was the last patient of the day so I can imagine that they were looking forward to going home because I know they were not planning on the amount of time I was there. But Dr Paula Elmi took her time with me and I am sure stayed way later than planned. She took such good care of me and I am so grateful. She listened so well so all of my crazy descriptions of my pains and what I was feeling and understood in a heartbeat. I highly recommend this place and I highly recommend her, she is amazing and came to my rescue. Thank you so much Dr. Paula Elmi for your time, patience, professionalism and care. I am so grateful.
    Kristina C.

    The initial visit was comfortable. As an urgent care walk-in, I was seen quickly. The dentist was able to quickly assess the issue, refer me to the proper specialist, and provide me with medication to avoid further complication while waiting to see the specialist.

    Anita F.